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Search Engine Marketing

Our search engine marketing places compelling ads along side search results and on affiliate display networks, driving interested clients directly to your website.

Pay-per-click ads—like Google AdWords—deliver supplemental website traffic and improve visibility for difficult-to-rank search phrases. Our targeted ad campaigns drive interested visitors directly to your website, providing an immediate boost in traffic from potential customers. Our pay-per-click campaigns are accompanied by outstanding customer service, and our detailed reporting will clearly demonstrate the results you are paying for.

Some of the benefits that our clients receive:

  • Immediate website traffic
  • Brand-centric ad copy
  • Geographically targeted website visitors
  • Keyword targeted ad groups
  • Flexible monthly ad budgets
  • Dedicated campaign management
  • Google Analytics traffic reporting
  • Results-based contracts
  • Professional campaign management
  • Detailed and transparent reporting

... because the Yellow Pages is dead,
and 3 out of 5 of your prospective clients start their search online.